November 9th 2009 - Buddha's Descent to Earth

Dear all,

This is the month of Scorpio.
Insightful Scorpio works in mysterious ways, ultimately pointing to the path of transformation and the power to alchemically change destructive emotional longing into generating an aspiration towards compassionate love, 'bodhicitta' in Buddhism. Doing so orientates towards the spiritual heart of every individual, our true Buddha nature.

duchen This coming Full Moon on Monday Nov 9th commemorates Buddha’s agreement to the Deva’s request to descend from the Heavenly Realms of the 33, to return to Earth to continue teaching the Dharma. In a week’s time, at the last quarter moon on November 9th, we celebrate the actual descent as being one of the four most important days in the Buddhist calendar. This ability to move between spheres is not currently confined to the Buddha.

The Spirit of the Sun is also currently up-close and personal with communicative Mercury who, this month is in Scorpio, and it acts as mediating between the seen and unseen, urging us to be attentive to our thoughts while we shift between our levels of consciousness, so that we can recognise any gems we might discover. In other words this is a great time to do practice as it is conducive to us gaining much realizations by living in a state of awareness ... Rinpoche has always urged us to watch out thoughts, our words and our actions. doing so is living in a state of awareness ... with Buddha descending from Tushita, every good deed we do multiplies our chances to receive realizations as that is the day when any merit we create is multiplied a million fold... so rejoice and we shall meet on that day to pray and to dine together ..

greentara_0211The Sun and Mercury also conjunct with the asteroid called Ceres, which I have always regarded symbolises the Great Earth Mother, a manifestation of the resonance of our beloved Goddess Tara, caring for all us as if we are her own.

Ceres in Scorpio is like TARA encouraging us to connect with others through sharing special moments.

The enchanting touch of Mother TARA makes everyone feel loved and nurtured. Whispering sweet nothings into loved ones ears; friendly gestures in social settings, a tender smile as a story is shared over dinner; or through blissful sexual union with the one to whom we are intimately connected..

This is a time for therapeutic togetherness, bringing joy, camaraderie and renewed strength to rejoice at Buddha’s Decent next week. And as we wait for the time to come its a great time also to convey messages of light, warmth and love, from heart to heart.

Think of a warm beautiful Fire glowing from within you ... as in a Tantric dance of compassion and love. Tara resides deep within each of us...

My monthly astrology reading...hope you enjoy.


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