About the Mala

malaBuddhist mala are 108 beads strung together much like a rosary. These beads can be made of any kind of precious or semi-precious stones. Usually a mala comprises of 108 beads, so when you are asked to chant "one mala" of a certain mantra, it means you chant it 108 times.


Chinese Manifestations of Tibetan Buddhas - Vajrapani

vajrapani_00Vajrapani is a Bodhisattva with a wrathful face. To those who are new to Mahayana Buddhism, he does not look very Buddha like. But Vajrapani is indeed a Bodhisattva who embodies all the Buddhas' infinite enlightened power.


Chinese Manifestations of Tibetan Buddhas - Samantabhadra

samantabhrada_00Samantabhadra in Sanskrit means Universal Virtue. In the Tibetan language this Buddha is known as Kuntu Sangpo. To Chinese Buddhists he is known as (普贤) PU XIAN PUSA. The Bodhisattva Samantabhadra usually rides on a six-tusked white elephant. The six tusks signifies overcoming attachment to the six senses.


Chinese Manifestations of Tibetan Buddhas - Ksitigarbha

ksitigarbha_00Ksitigarbha in China is known by his Chinese name Di-Zang Pu Sa (地藏菩薩) and in Tibet by his Tibetan name  Sa-E Nyingpo. He is a very popular Mahayana Buddhist Bodhisattva who is usually depicted as a monk holding a six rings staff and red fire ball which is said to signify a jewel. The name Di-Zang is translated as the "Earth Treasury".


Chinese Manifestations of Tibetan Buddhas - Manjushri

manjushri_00The Sanskrit name for the Buddha of Wisdom is Manjushri. In Chinese he is known as Wen-shu Pusa and in Tibetan Jampalyang.

The word Manju means charming, beautiful and pleasing, and Shri means glory and brilliance. Manjushri is regarded as the crown prince of the Buddha’s teachings, the one who best explains Buddha’s wisdom. Manjushri has this title because eons ago, he was the instructor for seven Buddhas, the last being Shakyamuni Buddha. As one of the ancient Buddhas, Manjushri vowed, "I shall be the Guide to lead all Bodhisattvas to achieve the state of complete enlightenment. Until this vow is fulfilled, I will not become a Buddha."


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