Buddha Akshobhya


Buddha Akshobya (who is blue in color) is usually visualized in the center of Dhyani Buddha Mandalas, sometimes he is transferred to the east and Vairochana comes to the center. Many lineages regards Akshobhya as the most important of the Dhyani buddhas because, of the five aggregate of consciosness can be regarded as the most important in our spiritual journey.

Akshobya also manifests as Buddha Mitrugpa. The Buddha Mitrugpa mantra practice is said to be extremely powerful for "rescuing" those who have fallen into the lower realms of existence. Akshobya is depicted touching the earth with his right hand and holding an upright vajra (thunderbolt) in his left hand. Touching the earth recalls the moment when Shakyamuni Buddha overcame the Mara and the earth goddess was called forth to bear witness to Buddha having practiced the Six Perfections, thereby qualifying him to attain enlightenment. The element of Buddha Akshobya is water, and the charka (energy center) associated with him is the heart charka.

Akshobya is the lord of the Tathagata family. This Buddha manifests Dharma, transforming hatred and aversion into the transcendental wisdom of the sphere of the Dharma. Among the other powerful Buddhas of the Tathagata family are Buddha Vajrasattva and Buddha Vajrapani.

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