Buddha Ratnasambhava


Buddha Ratnasambhava (who is yellow in color) is in the southern direction. The word ratna means, "jewel", and Ratnasambhava can be regarded as the wish-fulfilling jewel. He signifies Dharma transforming pride, miserliness, and avarice into the wisdom of equaniity. His identifying mudra (sacred hand gesture) is the gesture of supreme giving, with his right hand extended downward, palm outward. His left hand rests on his lap, sometimes holding a beautiful jewel. His clan is the Ratna family, so the symbol of Ratnasambhava is the jewel. He is associated with transforming a poverty mentality into a wealth mentality. The element of Buddha Ratnasambhava is earth, and his charka is the navel chakra.

He is best visualized as continuously disturbing spiritual wealth and jewels over the universe, with no thought of ever running out, for it seems he has a bottomless reservoir of spiritual riches. His Pure Land flows with abundance and he is "wealthy beyond greed". So Ratnasambhava practice makes your own mind an endless source of riches. The Wealth buddhas (known as Jambhalas) belong to Ratnasambhava’s family and, reflecting the generous mentality of this Buddha clan, are viewed as endless benefactors.

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