Buddha Amoghasiddhi


Buddha Amoghasiddhi (who is green in color) is in the northern direction. This is the tathagata who symbolizes unobstructed success. He is the Buddha of the world of politicians, kings, and ambitious people – those who are perpetually jealous of other, who are competitive to a fault, and whose sole purpose in life is to wind up getting morel more wealth, more success, and more power. When you need to operate in this kind of unscrupulous world, call on this vivid green Buddha.

Amoghasiddhi's mudra signifies fearlessness and protection; his right hand is held with its palm facing outward in the “fear not" gesture, at the level of the Buddha's heart, with the fingers pointing skyward. This mudra is one of command and authority. His left hand is in the contemplation mudra. It is said that simply thinking of his image cuases your fears to vanish instantly. His green-colored body is also extremely soothing. The path of Amoghasiddhi is the path that overcomes fear. He is also the Buddha of action, so we can visualize him as the tathagata who inspires strong yang energy, who practices spontaneous bodhichitta and is completely compassionate. His element is wind (air), and his chakra is the base chakra.

Amogasiddhi represents the Dharma transforming envy and jealousy into all accomplishing wisdom. He is the head of the Karma family, and his symbol is the double or crossed vajra (thunderbolt, or diamond sceptre). The single vajra is the powerful thunderbolt that can cut through everything; the crossed vajra has all this intense power doubled.

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