Buddha Vairochana


Buddha Vairochan (who is white in color) is generally in the eastern realm (although occasionally in the center), and he is knowdn as the great illuminator, the great sun.

His mudra is the Dharmachakra mudra, that of teaching, also known as the turning of the wheel. Both hands are held touch to make a circle. His symbol is the golden wheel, suggesting benevolent kingship. The element of this tathagata is water, and he is associated with the crown chakra.

Vairochana belongs to the Vajra family. The Vajra, or diamond sceptre (thunderbolt) is a powerful emblem of sovereignty - it has the indestructible qualities of the diamond, able to overcome anything that crosses its path. Vairochana helps in overcoming the affliction of ignorance, which is the root of samsara.

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